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A Day in the Life of A Market Organiser – Promotion Day

The Daily Life of a Little Pickles Markets Organiser – Market Promotion Day

I first became an organiser after seeing how much fun it looked when, as a new mum, I attended a market as a buyer. I have been organising markets now for 5 years in the Hampshire area. I have a girl of 7 and it fits perfectly around family life, school runs and my other part-time job.

A typical ‘Pickles’ admin day begins with the school run. Once that is done, I come home and get myself a cuppa! I sit at my desk and prep for the day. This begins with making a to-do list! (Lists are life after all😉)

Once that is done I will complete admin tasks at my laptop and printer. This includes things like printing leaflets for future markets, emailing information to sellers, replying to enquiry emails or filling our sought-after goody bags!

Once that is done, and I’ve ticked the things I have completed off with a big green ✔️ I will sit down for lunch away from my desk and either read a magazine or watch the TV for half an hour. This is when I will quickly complete any family life admin like making dentist appointments or ordering shopping online.

Market Promotion

I usually schedule my visits to venues after lunch so I can add it in with the PM school run. So once lunch is done I collect together what I need, including my important to do list and set off. These visits can be anything from delivering advertising, putting up a banner or meeting a new potential venue.

Once I have completed these tasks I head off to collect my little girl. I love the fact I can be there for the school runs and I know she does too, especially if it’s a day I bring a treat! It’s a comfort to know that I can also reschedule jobs when I am needed to collect her if she is poorly. It is so flexible I really can fit it around family life.

Written by Clare our Portsmouth, Wickham and Chichester Organiser

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