5 Rainy Day Activities

So we were promised a heat wave but that never really got started did it? So now the summer holidays are here and the odd rainy day is bound to come, here’s our top 5 tips for entertaining your Little Pickles on rainy days.

So if like me the thought of being stuck in a sweaty crammed soft play centre on a rainy summer’s day, seems like the thing of nightmares here’s some ideas.

  1. Create a Supersized Play Road – the pickles have a sizeable amount of matchbox cars and can play for hours with them. So just to make it interesting we make roads on the laminate flooring with masking tape to use as the road. You can also add a train track, house and other buildings from other play sets.
  2. Produce your own movie – if your dressing up box is anything like our it is probably bursting at the seams, why not let your pickles pick their favourite and get into character and make a movie. Decide a storyline, chose probs and practise their lines. Then I can grab the iPad and record it for us all to watch back, sure to provoke some giggles. definitely one to keep.
  3. Den making – time so good old fashioned fun grab some blankets/sheets/duvets plus dining room chairs or you could make up a home under the dining table. Once the den is up, snuggle up for a family story time with your favourite books and snacks.
  4. Magazine producing – a few of my pickles love to get creative, so love to get out the glue and scissors (supervision needed) to create magazine about there favourite things. They can think of a name, design a layout, choose a cover star, draw pictures, write story’s (for the older ones), cut and stick pictures out of catalogues in. Once they are complete, share with the rest of the family.
  5. Treasure hunt – so this one always keeps the Pickles busy for awhile, decide what your treasure will be and hide it ready to be found. A great one is to hide Duplo blocks and send the pickles off to find them and once they have a large stash, they can take it in turns to build the highest tower.


Hope these help you keep your Little Pickles entertained, if you have any other ideas please share


Written by Jessamine Hislop-Newton, Mummy to 5 Pickles, Founder and Owner of Little Pickles Markets

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