Time For A Big Bed

So the time has come for ‘Baby Pickle’ to vacate the cot, NOT because there is another baby on the way which was the reason for Faryl, Jolie and Lexia before her to move on to a bed. But because she is now too big for a cot at 2 years 4 months, regularly waking herself in the night by rolling over and hitting the bars in of the cot.

But this is a bigger than normal as she was not only still in a cot but still in my room. The other 4 pickles had all moved out of my room the night they hit 6 months old, but knowing that she was my final baby and there wasn’t really any room elsewhere upstairs for her cot. so the plan always to get bunk beds for her and Faryl to share (his) their room.

So we collected the bunk beds last weekend and the baby’s were very excited about their new beds, once the bunks were up, I added a Tomy bed guard, picked up at a Little Pickles Market. Aliza chose to borrow her big sister Lexia’s Frozen Bed linen and then we were ready.

(pic aliza smiles in bunk)

Once PJs were on it was bedtime, being her first night we did our usual bedtime routine a book, brush teeth and then I kissed her goodnight and tucked her into her big bed (sobs)

I came downstairs with the others and listened out for her, she crept out to have a look, so I popped her back into bed and left, so that was that she fell asleep in a big girls bed all by herself. Her first night was success I think she got up twice for a little wander and I returned her back to bed where she drifted back off to the land of nod.

Baby Pickle Happy in Her Big Bed
Baby Pickle Happy in Her Big Bed

Around 7am she toddled in saying ‘Morning Mummy’, at that moment I realised I no longer have ‘a baby’ in the house but she will always be ‘the baby or our house’!

Second night in I thought I would try popping her and Faryl, 4 to bed at the same time, otherwise with staggered bedtimes with 4 little pickles to tuck in it goes on forever. They both went straight to sleep and slept for 12 hours straight, leaving me feeling very triumphant 🙂 🙂

Lets hope this is the sign of things to come and lots of uninterrupted nights of sleep, that is a huge plus of not having a baby in the house I supposed.

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  1. Ahhh this must be even more of a big deal as she’s the baby of the family! We moved Tyler out of his cot last year when he was 2, and it was emotional then – wah! They must have fun all sleeping together, like a slumber party every day! Sabrina x #UKBloggers

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