Radio Silence

First let me apologies for the radio silence on the blog over the last month.

It has been a busy one with some pretty stressful moments too.

My 4 girls celebrated their 14th, 9th, 6th and 2nd birthdays, yay cake.

Our brand spanking new website went live, another big step, what do you think of it peeps?

We had the Easter holidays, with a decent amount of sunshine followed by an arctic blast brrrr. Seriously weather we have the light evenings can we now have some warm sun so we can enjoy them.

Mine and the pickles lovely pickles-mobile died, just imagine having 5 kids and no car no don’t ¬†bother it’s a complete blooming nightmare.

My baby started pre-school which she makes out she’s pretty grumpy about when I drop her off but I know she’s having a ball while I work and console myself that I no longer have a baby in the house.

A joint Gymnastics birthday party for Jojo, 6 and Lex, 9 this coming week, yay even more cake.

A surprise trip to see Olly Murs with my 2 biggest pickles at The O2, cue teen dying of embarrassment because Mummy had a good old dance!

Oh and add in a smashed iPhone for good measure.

Plus worked a lot and ran some markets with lots of my lovely buyers and sellers.

So now I have got my blog on again and I’ll be bringing lots of fresh content including My Carry Potty and Huggies Pull Ups¬†reviews (yes I’m going to attempt toilet training with Baby Pickle), cot to bed transition, plus some fab information blogs and much more.
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