We are a family run baby and pre-school swim school, teaching your little one a life skill that could save their life. We work with you, to give you the confidence and the skills you need to swim your baby above and below the water and teach them those all-important life-saving skills.

Baby Swimming Benefits:
Physical – A weekly swim improves your baby’s cardio-vascular system and builds strength. Swimming can aid early walking; co-ordination and associated motor skills are also improved through regular exercise.
Social – During swim class, your baby can interact with others in a fun and happy social environment, plus you’ll meet other parents with babies to have a coffee and a chat with after class!
Emotional – Swimming class gives you precious bonding time with your baby. Water is a natural environment for babies, in which they feel safe and secure. Weekly baby swim classes further develops the bond with your baby and many mums tell us that that their baby’s sleeping and feeding improves. Starting to swim at an early age familiarises children with water and gives them the confidence to swim below the water level.
Our weekly term time classes offer progressive levels starting when your baby is just a few weeks old all the way through to starting school. Our programme allows you and your little one to start at any point depending on their age and ability, but progression on to the next level is done through consultation with your teacher to ensure your child reaches those important milestones along the way. Classes are not only teaching those key skills but incorporate singing and games to ensure your little one has fun and enjoys their class.

We use the Swimming Teachers Association (STA) Starfish and Stanley Award programmes as the basis of our programme and your little one will work towards achieving Starfish level one from their very first lesson.