We are a personalised Personal Training Service and Group Classes provider catering for pregnant and postnatal mums. Our unique initial consultation means we are able to offer a far more personalised service, even for Group Class clients – we believe you won’t find this anywhere else. We put a big focus on the core and pelvic floor muscles, both strengthening and rehabilitation. We build our programmes around activating the PFM and transverse abdominals together with other muscles groups to build a greater whole body strength. We work the entire body, correcting posture with integrative exercises that utilise the breath to work core muscles simultaneously. Whilst pregnant, building a strong and fit body that can support us to be pain free hugely beneficial. Once baby arrives, we forget that our core is at its weakest. This is the point at which specific, rehabilitative work begins to build our core and pelvic floor back to its pre-pregnancy strength. A Strong, Fit Mumma is a happy, pain-free mumma that can run, jump and have fun with her little ones knowing her pelvic floor and core won’t let her down!

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