Capture your little ones hand or feet, or both, in a 3D casting, finished and framed with an engraved plaque.  These 3D castings are the perfect way of capturing every single detail forever. The size, the definition and the shape, even their favourite position whether it be curled fingers or toes. You can see the minute detail of their fingernails and the creasing around the ankle or wrist. Details that in the mists of time soon become forgotten. With so many growth spurts so early on it’s difficult to recollect how tiny they once were. A 3D casting, whether it be hand and foot, both feet or all hands and feet, is such a unique way of keeping your baby tiny so that you always remember.

Appointments can be made at your home or at the Tinytoes Studio in Basingstoke.

Prices start from £45 for a single cast