Organiser Jayne

Introducing Our Organiser Jayne

We are excited to introduce Jayne who will be bringing Little Pickles Markets to Yorkshire this spring. Find out a little bit more about her below.
Name? Jayne
Where do you run Markets? Yorkshire
What is the item you can’t live without other than your family? My walking boots – nothing better than a hike in the hills to blow away the cobwebs.
How many children do you have? None.
If you woke up tomorrow as an animal, what animal would you choose to be and why? A cat – they really know how to live – cats don’t have owners, they have servants!
Where is your favourite place to be and why? Snowdonia – so many things to do and new places to discover.
What is your favourite children’s book? The very hungry caterpillar
Cinema or fancy restaurant? Cinema and laid back restaurant!
Which one spring, summer, autumn, or winter, let us know why? Summer – long days, camping trips, BBQ’s, firepits – a great time for spending time with the most important people in my life.
Name one thing you always carry in your handbag? My diary – I’m lost without it.
One bit of information you wish you’d known before becoming a parent? I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that one!
Best bargain you have found at a Little Pickles Market? Mine will be the first up North – I’ll let you know after the first one!
For Jayne’s last market information please visit the Yorkshire event page

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reducing plastic usage

5 Ways To Reduce Plastic Usage In Your Household

Following on from the mesmerising Blue Planet 2. Many people have been left thinking about the effect plastic will have on our future world if our usage carries on as it has been. David Attenborough brought to light the fact that our oceans are littered with plastic. This is a problem throughout the world. Endangering many sea mammals and fishes in our seas. Also, the heartbreaking images of beautiful Coral Reefs dead. Our Little Pickles future will almost certainly be effect by this. So it is about time we did our little bit to clear up our act. So here are 5 ways to reduce plastic usage in your household.

Plastic Ocean

  1. Say No To The Straw – My Little Pickles love to drink out of a straw when we go out. We have already stopped using them at home, but I often give in when we are in a restaurant. It is now time to stand my ground and say NO to the straw. Even on those cheeky Mummy’s nights out. Some pub and restaurants are now stocking paper straws instead.  Say No to The Straw
  2. Buy unpackaged fruit and veg – In the supermarket, it is so easy to pick up the pre-packed fruit and veg. Next time you shop when you get home and unpack all that fruit and veg, see just how much plastic is used to wrap the food. I’m sure you might be very surprised and pick the loose items in future.
  3. Use cloth shopping bags – Carrying on with the shopping theme. As annoying as the carrier bag charge is, it was brought in for a reason. Nothing bugs me more than having to add a £1 or so to my shopping bill for bags. So pick up some cloth bags, I picked up some good sized ones from Primark for 50p each the other day. Great to fold up and keep in my handbag too, for my high street shopping trips too.
  4. Carry a reusable drink container – Buying bottled drinks out and about can also be very costly. Before you leave the house fill your water/juice bottles and help reduce the waste. Or if you are in need of your coffee fix to get you through the day. Invest in an insulated mug and when you pop into your coffee house as them to pop your takeaway cuppa. Or alternatively, slow down and take the time to drink your cuppa in the coffee show whilst watching the world go by.
  5. Get your milk delivered – This one is pretty old school. The milkman used to deliver milk fresh to our doors as kids. The glass bottled were then left out to be returned to the dairy, cleaned out and refilled. Keeping waste to a minimum, so it could well be time to search for your local milkman/woman to see if they deliver in your area. Get your milk delivered

I hope these few times give you some ideas of how to reduce plastic usage. Sometimes, however, we have to use plastic in day to day life, so please remember to recycle as much as you possibly can.



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