Giraffe Restaurant Review

If you live near Bournemouth you can’t have missed the zillion and 2 billboards advertising the new Girafferestaurant that’s opening at Tesco Castle Lane East (very near our beloved Littledown Centre, home of the Little Pickles Bournemouth Market) and if you shop at Tesco you certainly can’t have missed the HUGE orange sign poking out the Tesco roof!
I must say the refit of the dodgy old supermarket café has had me intrigued for a while, it has certainly looked more glamorous than any super market café I’ve ever seen and the little giraffe heads etched in the glass make me smile as I go in to do the worlds biggest chore – supermarket shopping!
We were lucky enough to go along to a preview of the new restaurant last week, have a good old fashioned nose around and try the food before the big opening on November 10th.  The preview wasn’t just to satisfy the nosiness of people just like us, it was also being used as a training exercise for the waiting and chef staff.  What a refreshingly great idea that they’re practising everything and taking feedback good and bad to get everything perfect before the big open day!  We’ve got to say they’re doing a great job, from the second we were checking out the menu outside we were brought straight into the warm, found a table and checked on numerous times to make sure we were ok.
I must confess I let my Mum come along and even when she was highly embarrassing the waiter didn’t even flinch and carried on as a true professional would.  The food was AMAZING, absolutely delicious, steak and chips has never tasted so good, it’s actually annoying that as I’m writing this on Saturday evening I know the restaurant hasn’t opened yet and I can’t go back to eat it again!  Fresh lemonade and mint served in a quirky little jar was my other favourite, seriously the simple things in life keep me happy!
Price wise, it isn’t cheap, I wouldn’t say given the quality of food and service that it’s expensive.  If you were to compare it to another supermarket café it does cost more but it wouldn’t be a fair comparison as it is a nice restaurant that just so happens to be located at a supermarket.  If my husband decided to take me out for dinner (cough, cough, wink, wink) I’m not sure how impressed I’d be at the romantic location but considering my tummy’s still rumbling thinking about steak I’m sure we’ll be going back and probably sampling a cocktail or two as well.
Written By Chelle – Bournemouth Little Pickles Market  Organiser, Next event Christmas Special, 7th December 10am-12noon, Littledown Centre

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Personalised Funky Giraffe Bib Review

Baby Pickle is by far the dribbliest (not sure that is a real word but we will go with it) baby I have ever had, with all of the others by 18 months we were well and truly past putting a bib on unless they were eating. But she has to permanently have a bib on otherwise her tops end up soaked with dribble.

So now she is more of a little girl than a baby we are always on the look out for cute bibs, and Funky Giraffe Bibs don’t disappoint with a huge range of bibs.

I had fun playing around to personalised one for Baby Pickle, choosing a gorgeous purple and choosing and positioning the text.

Doesn’t she look mighty cute in the finished product

The quality is great and washes very well, I will definitely be purchasing more, first on my list Christmas ones, they have offers on if you buy several bibs which make them very reasonably priced.

Written by Jessamine Hislop-Newton, Mummy to 5 Pickles, Founder and Owner of Little Pickles Markets


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