My Argh Moment!

A few weeks ago we received the results from Faryl’s allergy testing and the results where a bit of a headache to start with.

Faryl, 3 has always suffered with really bad eczema, so we have tried just about every cream possible with nothing doing the trick. Plus adding his dodgy tummy and very disturbed nights sleep. It was time to nip this in the bud so we heading to the Chinese Herbalist to try out an alternative, he suggested that we tried an allergy test. So he took a snip of Faryl’s hair (which was a miracle as Faryl can’t stand having his hair cut) we then waited a few weeks for the results.

So the outcome was that Faryl has an intolerance to all milk, soya, peanut, strawberries, banana, tomatoes, melon, pork, egg and aluminium (not that I feed him that very often).

This has come a bit of a blow as it means that lots of Faryl’s favourite things including chocolate spread, strawberries, pizza, bacon are now off limits. So I needed to look for alternatives to make sure he can still get all of his treats and general everyday yummy food.

How are we getting in on

Well a few weeks in and the we have looked at the biggest culprits and removed the milk based products, strawberries and pork from his diet. And wow the results have been remarkable Faryl is now sleeping and not screaming through the night, his eczema is so much better in fact it have totally disappeared from his legs with his arms getting better by the day.

We have substituted his cows milk for rice milk which, he uses on his cereals, for his bedtime bottle (yes he still has a bottle at 3, maybe we will tackle that one later in the year). We are now using turkey sausages instead of pork, just wish we could find some turkey cocktail ones as Faryl loves those. Chicken slices instead on ham.

The Next Step

I now have a list of things he loves that we need to find alterantives for so he can have a treats without us constantly saying you can’t have that. Here’s the list

Pizza without Cheese and Tomato, this is a tricky one as that is all pizza is. Then we can all enjoy ‘Pizza Friday’ again.

Yogurts, always a welcome addition to his lunchboxes.

Ice Cream


Even though it is early days it hasn’t been as bad as I thought and I am pretty happy to see a positive result for Faryl

I will keep you all posted with my findings and let you know how Faryl gets on.

So if anyone has any tips, websites, blogs to visit to find out more about allergies then please share in the comments below. Thank you

Written by Jessamine Hislop-Newton, Mummy to 5 Pickles, Founder and Owner of Little Pickles Markets


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