Local “Mumpreneur” Reaches Finals of National Business Awards

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Local “Mumpreneur” Reaches Finals of National Business Awards

Local mum, and entrepreneur, Jessamine Hislop-Newton, has earned herself a place in the final line-up of

The Mumpreneur Awards, an annual ceremony aimed at celebrating parents throughout the

UK who manage the difficult task of juggling business with family life. The mother of 5 from

Melksham, runs Little Pickles Markets, a business organising and running baby and children’s nearly new sales, where parents can buy and sell good quality clothes and equipment.

Jessamine has been shortlisted for the Best Green Business Award, which is open to businesses that are ethical and is making a difference in the world with it’s eco-friendly products and services, or the business with the most unique way of keeping it green.

Having launched Little Pickles Markets in September 2010, the business has grown and now covers over 30 venues. Named after the pet name my late Grandad (a resourceful recycler) had given me and my siblings as children. This is very apt as even though we are helping parents save much need money, our markets also help perfectly good items find new homes and not ending up in landfill, so having a positive effect on our children’s environment and future. Jessamine hopes to she has what it takes to walk away with the prize.

As well as being shortlisted for this category, Jessamine is also in with a chance of winning the title of The Inspirational Business Mum 2013, sponsored by The Formations Company, which will be awarded to the mum who is an inspiration to all women in business, and could walk away with a fantastic prize.

Having reached the finals of The Mumpreneur Awards, Jessamine said “I am delighted to have been recognised for my achievements in organising and running Little Pickles Markets, and I’m really excited to find out if I’ve won the award!”

Judging Jessamine’s entry will be a panel of top entrepreneurs including former Dragon and Mumpreneur Hilary Devey, but she’ll have to wait until 28th September, when the winners will be announced at The Mumpreneur Conference and Awards, being held at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham.

To find out more about Little Pickles Markets local events, please visit Jessamine’s website



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Notes to Editors

1. For more information on Little Pickles Markets, email Jessamine Hislop-Newton on owner@littlepicklesmarkets.co.uk or 07450363596

2. For more information on The Mumpreneur Conference & Awards 2013, contact Laura

Rigney on 0121 788 4126 or email laura@mumpreneuruk.com

3. Photographs available on request

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Why I work from home

I love working from home, it offers me great flexibility to be able to be with my children and do most of the school runs. Whilst supporting the children financially on my own without having to have massive childcare bills. Don’t get me wrong it is sometimes a challenge juggling, if one of the pickles are poorly or something else unexpected crops up (this happens quite often with a large family)

With more and more people starting their own businesses, they are making the choice to run businesses from home. I hear of lots of varied places within peoples home that they call office. Some have a separate room to call an actual office (I wish) within the house, some work from a converted garage or outhouse. Then home workers have purpose built offices in their garden, such as log cabin. Some just work from the sofa on a laptop or grab a spare corner of one of the rooms whether it be a the lounge, bedroom, kitchen or dining room.


My home office/ Little Pickles HQ is infact a corner in the dining room, like lots of fellow work from home mums there is no other space available. My office was is my little zone that my eldest pickles 12 years old and 7 years old created one raining Sunday afternoon as a surprise, so I am happy to live with it for now. But sometimes when I am busy my work spreads to the dining room table and leaves me dreaming of a sophisticated dining room with a complete work free beautiful dining room table. A little office with plenty of shelving and storage plus a proper desk oh and don’t forget a swivel chair (yes I am a big kid at heart)

Also a massive plus point for me working from home means I can take my breaks and load the washing machine or hang the washing out as this is a never ending task in the Pickles household.

What do you love about working from home? Please share your reason for running your own business.


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What’s in a name?

Naming your baby is huge deal!  The name you choose for them is going to stay with them for life and needs to suit them as baby/child but also for their adult life.  So where do you start when thinking of a name for your precious baby pickles?
You could take a look at the Top 100 names for last year and according to Bounty the Top 10 names were…..
For the pinks! For the blues!
1. Ameila 1. Harry
2. Olivia 2. Jack
3. Emily 3. Charlie
4. Jessica 4. Oliver
5. Sophie 5. Alfie
6. Lily 6. Riley
7. Mia 7. Jacob
8. Ava 8. James
9. Isla 9. Thomas
10. Ruby 10. Ethan

There’s loads of lovely names in there but it can be tricky having a popular name, my nephew Jack has had up to 3 other Jack’s in his class at school.  When he was at nursery he got so cross with not being the only Jack he decided to only respond to his new name “Super Mario” instead!  If the Top 10 don’t take your fancy then there are mountains of Baby Naming books out there full of thousands of names!  If you’reg looking for a name that is a little different then naming your baby after a place seemed to pop up when we asked our Little Pickles followers on Facebook.  I’m not talking about the place where they were conceived, although that does work for some, but a place that might have meaning for you!


One of our followers named her little girl ‘Ailsa’ which I had never heard before.  Named after a Scottish Isalnd called Ailsa Craig.  The couple could see the Island from the Castle where they got married so what a lovely way to combine a special memory and a unique name.  Myself and hubby got married at the Bartley Lodge Hotel, could Bartley be the name of any future pickles we may have?
Our Little Pickles Organiser Clare, named her daughter ‘Bikita’ which is the name of rural village where her husband’s family originates from in Zimbabwe.
Other more unusual names which came up are…
Amaya  *Douglas  *Ffion  *Talia  *Oakley  *Jasper  *Adora  *Falon  *Tegan  *Jolie  *Faryl  *Lexia  *Alizia  *Isaline
Other things to consider are does the name ring well with your surname?  Our surname is Shrimpton so our childs first name needed to be short-ish so it wasn’t a mouthful to say!  Can the name be shortened and will you like it if it can?  You bet there’s always one person that will insist shortening the name even if you don’t want them to so best to stay one step ahead!

We’d love to hear your stories so leave us a comment below  or let us know when you come along to your next local market.  We’re back from our summer break with a huge line up so see you soon!

Written by Selina Shrimpton, Little Pickles Market and Baby Show Organiser

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First Day at ‘Big School’, Take Three

Well you would think after doing the first day at school thing twice before, I would be able to cope. But after thinking it would be fine all summer (which flew by in a whirl), the last week before the return to school was upon us and the realisation that my third baby was off to ‘Big School’ argh!!!

School uniform had been brought and the traumatic school shoe shop was done, this was amazingly calm this year, thanks to the great choice and help from the assistant at Brantano. So we were on track for being organised, but then I put everything in the wardrobe. I then kept meaning to get everything out, named and tried on together! But I couldn’t or didn’t want to find the right time, but finally the day before going back to school I tried the girls uniforms on, had to hold back the tears and quickly took it off to name.

We had a lovely calm evening before with Pickle no.3 favourite tea (yes it was chicken nuggets, chips and sweetcorn, but everyone needs a treat now and then!). Followed by bath and storytime, reading the fantastic Usborne ‘Going to School’, a Pickles family tradition.

Then the morning was here and the alarm went off at 6.30am a struggle after 6 weeks of no routine. She was up, dressed and eager to leave, so plenty of time to bring out the camera and get those all important keepsake snaps of her first day!


Making her first day special Mummy, Daddy and the four other pickles all came along to wave her off, even though I was far from emotionally ready!

But soon 8.35 am came and time to line up and filter into class with her oversized bookbag and lunch box, while we waved her off. She went in not a second glance back whilst I could feel myself welling up and as soon as she was gone the tears followed knowing that there will be dramatic changes to come in my baby over her first year of school.

When I collected her after lunch she was happy and had enjoyed her day, which is a huge relief and long may it continue.

So even though it was rocky I have survived and can put off the thought of having to do it all again well for two years anyway!

Written by Jessamine Hislop-Newton, Owner Little Pickles Markets


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