Potty Time!

Potty, potty, potty!!!  That word has been driving ‘potty’ me for nearly a year.  Some parents can’t wait to get their little pickles out of nappies and then there are others, like me who are quite happy leaving things how they are.  It sounds lazy but I’d much rather leave Little O (nearly 3 yrs) in a nappy because although it still means changing smell bums, carrying around a nappy bag and of course the expense of buying them, there isn’t the worry of ‘where are the toilets’ and nagging him to ‘go’ all the time.

We started ‘Potty Practice’ with Little O last summer where we let him have nappy off time every day and allowed him to use the potty in his own time.  This worked really and by Christmas we thought it’s time to do the brave thing and just ‘GO FOR IT’.  We picked a week where we had no plans and when Daddy was at home for moral support but by the end of Day 1 we had practically given up and it was the ‘number 2’s’ which were causing the problem.  He would be running round the house desperate to go, making an awful noise and he was obviously really distressed, so on went a nappy and that was the end of that.

We decided we would give it another go when he was well and truly ready and for me, that meant doing a number 2 on the potty and declaring that he didn’t want nappies on anymore and pulling them off.  Well, last week we had a break through!  Of his own accord he sat on the potty and was extremely pleased to show me (yuk!) his poo in the potty!!  Cue lots of cheering, cuddling, clapping..Oh and little chocolate button!  So that was the ‘I’m ready!’ sign I was waiting for waiting for, and although a little nervous about GOING FOR IT on round 2 I knew we just had to.

This time our approach was much more relaxed.  We haven’t introduced ‘big boy pants’ yet and he’s been going commando. Less to pull down means more time to get him on the potty before an accident happens.   I look for the cues that he needs a wee (like playing with his trousers’ and fidgeting) and then ask him if he needs a wee.  If he says no I put him on the potty anyway and ‘hey presto’ most of the time he goes!

He’s had the odd accidents, and accidents are he’s learnt, but most of the time I can safely say it’s been a piece of cake!  In fact I was beyond proud when he went to pre-school for the first time without a nappy to find out he had asked to go to the toilet and came home in the same pair of trousers I sent him in!

Although it feels that training Little O has been easy peasy it’s definitely been another parenting learning curve! We’ve learnt from our mistakes and taken our time and that would be my biggest piece of advice to pass on.  There really is no need to rush if it’s not working.

So if any parents are about to go through the same thing or have just gone through it then we’d love to hear from you.  Let’s share, I’m sure our little pickles won’t mind 😉

Written by Selina Shrimpton, Little Pickles Market and Baby Show Dorset Organiser

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