Katy Wise – Holistic Therapist

2 years ago, I set up my own business, I had always worked with children and wanted to combine the passions and qualifications I had, so Free Spirit Holistic Therapies was born. I had already been teaching Baby Massage for 1 ½ years and wanted to expand on the services I was able to offer, so back to College I went.


Now, I offer: Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Toddler Yoga, Children’s Yoga and Indian Head Massage catering for the needs of babies from 6 weeks to children of all ages. I love my job, not many of us are fortunate enough to be able to say that!

My week involves driving from venue to venue, from School, to Yoga studio, to Play Café and Children’s Centres. Every day is different, but one thing remains the same, my endeavour to teach my families about the benefits of what I offer.

During a Baby Massage session, I teach the parents a developmental routine and give them a copy, so they can practise it at home, and after they have completed their course. I also teach them about the benefits of Baby Massage, which is not only relaxing, it helps to regulate sleep patterns,  improves the immune system, stimulate good circulation and most importantly…..eases fractiousness, anxiety, constipation and colic. Parents also benefit as Baby Massage assists with post natal depression, decreases our stress hormones and helps us to gain self-confidence.

Whilst Baby Yoga offers our babies a stimulating alternative to Massage, it also gives them the opportunity to strengthen, balance and develop their body systems, it induces a happy, care-free and lively parent-infant interaction which develops as the babies grow and it will help our babies to sleep more deeply and their behaviour will become more settled too.

All this working with babies makes me incredibly broody!!!

I’m now in my 3rd year of business and loving every second of it. I have so many exciting opportunities for the coming year and the next on my list is to start my first ‘Baby Massage for Dads’ course. I feel that when Dads work full-time, they often miss out on most of the fun activities our children enjoy with their Mums and it is just as important for Dads to bond with the children.

For more information please visit: www.freespirit.webeden.co.uk

Blog written by Katie Wise

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