Watching planes go by……..

Growing up in Bournemouth, in fact being a 10 minute walk from Southbourne Beach I never really appreciated the annual displays from the  Red Arrows which we watched from the cliff top.  We lived so close to the action that we could feel vibrations from the planes as they flew over our house at top speed.  Now living in Hampshire we have never been to what it’s now known as the Bournemouth Air Festival  – but this year, with our little boy turning 2 years old we thought it would be super exciting.  I should mention at this point that I’ve decided to refer to him as Little Shrimp for blogging.  Our surname is Shrimpton and when he was in my tummy he was known as Baby Shrimp so it seems appropriate to continue the theme!

Little Shrimp loves playing with his toy planes and especially helicopters so I knew he would enjoy the experience and boy did he!  We set up camp at Southbourne beach which was so quiet, unlike Boscombe or Bournemouth beach which would have been jam packed.

The Red Arrows flying right over our head had to be our highlight.  I cuddled up to him tight while we waved like mad and shouted “HELLO” at the top of our voices.  Watching from Southbourne did mean there were times when we couldn’t see so well but it didn’t matter.  We played in the sea and dug holes in the sand while we waited for them to come back.  Next year we might be brave and head into Bournemouth along with the other 200,000 visitors but I’m sure it will be worth it.

I didn’t take any photos of the planes dancing in the sky for us, I didn’t want to miss a thing but I have snuck in a pic of Little Shrimp having fun in the sand.  It’s left a real impression in his little mind as he’s gone to bed a day later chatting about seeing the helicopter  and cheering!  We cheered a lot!  Such a wonderful day out and cost us zero!  Mummy likes days like that.

We should have dressed Little Shrimp and his favourite cousin who came with us in their Little Pickles t-shirts and discretely advertised our Littledown market in 2 weeks’ time to the families around us.  Maybe next year!

By Selina Shrimpton – Little Pickles Markets Dorset Organiser
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