A guide to being safe as a consumer when buying at Little Pickles Markets

At Little Pickles Markets we want everyone to have an enjoyable experience, and too grab a bargains or two. Although Little Pickles Markets, do our best to ensure the standard of items for sale is high, it is up to you, the buyer to ensure that you are happy with the item you are purchasing, whether from a second-hand or one of the business stalls, before any money is exchanged. Little Pickles Markets cannot be held responsible for the condition of any item that has been bought at one of our events.

Using the following sites we have compiled a list of important information for consumers, this list is not exhaustive: –

  • Trading Standards – www.tradingstandards.gov.uk (There are some handy leaflets and downloads)

  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents ( RoSPA) www.rospa.com

  • Foundation for the Study of Infant Death (FSID) www.fsid.org.uk (you can order a useful wall thermometer – explaining how many blankets to put your baby in for the temp of the room)

  • Baby Centre www.Babycentre.co.uk

For reasons of health and hygiene, there are some goods that we advise against selling (unless brand new in packaging)

These include:

  • Dummies

  • Beakers or cups

  • Potties or toilet training seats

Car Seats

Although safety experts advice against buying car seats second-hand due to the fact you cannot guarantee that it hasn’t been involved in a crash. Even a seat that has been involved in a minor accident and displays no visible damage, may no longer provide adequate protection for your child in a further accident. We advice that car seats may be difficult to sell on but we don’t stop sellers bringing them along.

For further information on Car Seats and the various stages see our guides.  Car Seats from Birth & Second Stage Car Seats.

Electrical Items

  • Portable Appliance Testing

UK Law states that any second-hand electrical items must be PAT tested by a competent person before being sold and should include the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Please do bear this advice in mind before you buy any electrical item second-hand.


Check out our guide and top tips to buying Pushchairs, buggies and travel systems second-hand.

Cots / Moses baskets / carry cots /

Is it complete?

  • Check all the pieces carefully before buying, and ensure that all components are present, including screws, panels etc.

  • Check the finish and make sure that wooden models are smooth and have no splintered edges.

  • Ensure that painted models have no flaking or chipped paint

  • Look at the space between the bars, ensure that your child will not get their hands, feet or head stuck.

Travel Cots

Always ask the seller to put the cot up for you, not only so you can ensure its in perfect working order, with no rips or tears but so that you can see how the mechanism works.

Whenever possible ask for the instruction manuals.


The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) advises that it is very important for your baby’s mattress to be clean, dry, firm, flat and that it is a perfect fit into the baby’s cot/ Moses basket. Ideally you should buy a new mattress for each new baby. If you want to buy one second-hand, ensure that it has a completely waterproof cover with no tears, cracks or holes. Also ensure that it is exactly the right size for the cot.

** Websites such as Kiddicare do have great sales on they also provide discounts on multi-purchaes of the same item – Think about clubbing together with other new mums or mums to be maybe from anti natal to purchases a few mattresses or carsets and split the discount. **


Read our comprehensive guide to highchairs and what to look out for when buying second hand.


  • Safety Marks

In the case of second-hand toys look for the CE mark. All toys approved by the British Toy and Hobby Association will also carry the Lion Mark. Avoid buying handmade toys unless they have the above markings.

  • Condition

Check that a toy is not broken or damaged and inspect for loose parts or sharp edges that could be a potential hazard to your child. Ensure that the toy is suitable for your child’s age range. Batteries Check the battery compartment to make sure that old batteries haven’t leaked and rendered the toy unusable.

If you are ever unsure or have any queries please do ask any member of the Little Pickles Markets

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